Jazzy Classics @ Maison de la culture NDG

We had another Jazzy Classics concert today at Maison de la culture NDG.

The cold came back to Montreal but many people showed up for our concert.

Thank you very much!

After an exciting concert, we stopped by a new cafe in our neighborhood.


Concert – Jazzy Classics

Thank you all who came to our concerts this weekend! The concert halls were filled with  a lot of audience. Including an interview with Frédéric Cardin (CBC/Radio Canada), we enjoyed everything! Happy Thanksgiving:)


Concert Tomorrow at Pollack Hall (McGill)

Tomorrow evening, Martin Karlicek will perform L.Berio’s Sequenza IV for solo piano and Sequenza X with Andrew Dunn (trumpet) in the Schulich Professional Concert Series (Pollack Hall, McGill): “Carte-Blanche – Luciano Berio Remembered”. There, you can listen to most of his works and it’s going to be free admission. Concert starts at 6:30pm and Martin will be performing around 6:50pm or 7pm…then you can stay as long as you want:) It will be a looong night. Do not miss it!


We arrived in Vancouver for Blueridge Festival which will start next week. Yesterday, we had a photo-session for the newspaper article in the church where the festival is held. The chuch is surrounded by a beautiful forest. I will be playing Strauss’s sonata for violin and piano and Villa Lobos’s Suite for violin and piano on the 14th of August as the first concert of the festival. It will be great to see you there!

photo (1)


blueridge 2013 concerts_13_print


Montreal International Firework Competition is held at La Ronde during the summer. We were always away from the city at this time so I have never seen them. My friend told me that we could see it from Mont-Royal Park so first, we went to the top of the mountain. It was a beautiful night and one could see the town underneath very well. There were quite a few people already waiting for the fireworks. My friend thought that there might be a better place and suggested to find a ‘secret spot’. The path in the mountain was very dark and we were carefully seeking the place – it was kind of an adventure… At the end, we found a great spot where we could see the fireworks well, yet nobody was around. Yesterday’s fireworks was Italian. They were dynamic and colorful! The next one is the last this year, on the 4th. Maybe you can also find your secret spot;)


During this summer, I am coaching two girls playing together as an ensemble of two violins aside from their regular lessons. They are very good friends and both are enthusiastic. They practice themselves and even play together at home! They look happy when they play even when they make mistakes … it seems that they love music sharing. That’s wonderful! I hope that I will see many of these super happy smiles in Blueridge Festival in August.